• From Representative to Regional Manager - Dennis Martire

  • Posted on December 18, 2019
  • Dennis Martire

    The work that goes into keeping a union running and growing in order to help its members is never ending. There are always new issues presenting themselves and new hurdles to get over in order to keep the people taken care of. Born in August of 1964, Dennis Martire saw that he could help make sure that people were being well represented in the workplace and at the age of 25, decided to take up an active role in the Laborers’ Union. In 1990, Dennis Martire took his first role in the union organization and was elected to be the International Representative for the Laborers International Union of North America Jurisdictional Disputes Department. This role allowed him to develop a deeper understanding of what the union did for its members and also what improvements could be made. He was then the Assistant Director followed directly by the role of Director of Laborers’ Construction Department.

    In March of 2000, he became the Assistant Regional Manager of the Mid-Atlantic Region and found a department that fit well with his tenacity and determination. He remained in this department of the Laborers’ Union and after two short years was elected Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. Dennis Martire takes pride in his work and his ability to help organize and better the cause of laborers’ rights.

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